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4D Results - Singapore
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Draw Date : 07-Feb-2016 Sun
1st1880  Starter  Consolation
2nd9978  15992300234934513491  01680992260738964660
3rd3229  34924608682570178644  59756892753276758620

Draw Date : 06-Feb-2016 Sat
1st2533  Starter  Consolation
2nd3477  01650697078438353955  00200369326144444820
3rd1049  48105048696587618890  54305816643579308619

Draw Date : 03-Feb-2016 Wed
1st2633  Starter  Consolation
2nd4874  30663699371338736965  25673052309032233701
3rd5671  80308304838092789884  46034886770890669613

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