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4D Box Analysis
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Singpore Pools, Magnum and Sporstoto 4D Box Analysis. Knowing the trend of a popular 4D Box number allows you to zoom into a direct number by using 4D search last 4 hits summary

4D Box (Singapore, Magnum, Sports Toto) 4D Box 4D Box 2 Weeks (Singapore, Magnum, Sports Toto) 4D Box (2 Weeks) 4D Box 2 Weeks (Singapore, Magnum, Sports Toto) 4D Box (Custom no)
  • Multiple analysis option with each custom date range e.g. by Year, by Month, by Consecutive month and by Consecutive 2 weeks and by the Same Month every year.
  • Retrieve 2D or 3D by Top 1-50, Top 51-100 4D Box numbers.
  • Backtrack your analysis against past months and forecast for future months, with the forecast to future period(s) option.
  • 4D Box Pattern filtering e.g. ABCD, AABC etc.
  • 4D Sum of Digit filtering.
  • Date range and prize filtering option.
  • Custom 4D Box number performance checking, secure your chances of winning with at least 1 4D Box number.
  • Sorting preference e.g. by Prize, by Occurrence etc.
  • All results are displayed in grid and with colour differentiation for better visualization.

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